RVS Online


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of surveys can I conduct with RVS Online?
RVS Online streamlines and automates the production and collection AMA / RUC Physician Work Surveys.

What do I need to begin using RVS Online?
You do not need any software, hardware or equipment of any kind to use RVS Online. You work from this Web site using your own private account. As a subscriber you are given a password and immediate, 24 hour access to the surveys and their results. All updates to the products are also automatic and require no installation.

How long does it take to get a survey online?
Your survey can be created and launched within 30 minutes. All you need to have available is the CPT code as well as the list of physician names and emails.

How do I invite people to take my survey?
When your survey is ready to launch, you can use our automated email invitation feature and distribute a personalized invitation to hundreds of physicians with just one click.

How long does it take for a physician to fill out a survey response?
Typically 5 to 10 minutes.

What if the doctor still prefers to complete a manual survey?
He or she can request a manual copy, complete it and send it back in the traditional manner. Upon receipt, a society staffer can quickly and easily enter their responses into the web-based program so those results can be used in the totals.

Can the physician stop in the middle of completing the survey to return at a later time and pick up where they left off?
Yes. The doctors can make changes, pause and resume their survey without losing data or responses. The survey becomes complete only after they submit their answers to you.

How long does it take to generate my statistical report?
It happens almost instantly. The report is calculated in less than a minute and is based on the current survey responses.

Are the survey results confidential?
You bet! Each user account can only view his/her surveys and survey responses.

Is my data secure?
RVS Online is completely secure. The website and databases are password protected and hidden safely behind appropriate firewalls. Encryption during data transfer and communication between your computer and our servers is enforced using Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

All your data is confidential and owned by you. Softek will never sell nor provide your data to any third party, and never uses it internally or externally for any purpose whatsoever, other than to communicate directly with you about your account, our products and services, and to fulfill our service agreements with you.

Your data's safety, security, integrity and privacy is of primary concern to us. It's important data, it's your data, and we protect it for you. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information.

Where is the data stored? Is it reliable?
Your data is hosted with Interland, one of the top five hosting companies in the world! We understand the value of this software and your data and did not “skimp” on where and how the data is hosted.

Can I get my data if it is being stored on your server? Can I import my data into other applications?
Yes. You can access and download your data for use in other applications at any time. Even though your data resides on our server, the data remains your property to do with as you please, anytime, from anywhere.

How much does it cost?
You can purchase either a 2-survey, 6-survey or an unlimited survey subscription. Access to your account and information will be available for a one-year period. Click here for the subscription costs.

Who is Softek Services, Inc.?
Softek Services, Inc., based in Washington, D.C., specializes in helping clients get the most from their information technology by providing database solutions, general consulting and software training. Our automated solutions, together with our Customer Service team, provide feature-rich, easy to use, cost effective and dependable solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.

Can I take RVS Online for a test drive?
Yes. Simply sign up for our free trial. Here you will be able to enter real data to see how the system works. The free trial version of RVS Online is fully functional. You can test drive the system for 30 days. Click here to sign up now.